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Audio System Design for a 5-Star Hotel Entrance and Lounge


As part of my experience in engineering design, I decided to increase my skills set by learning to do audio design and EASE simulations, which is highly valuable in the AV industry. One of the early design experiences was a prestigious hotel lounge and entrance in Egypt. 

Below is a snapshot of the model:

The entrance is a double height area reaching almost 12.8m, while the lounge area was around 4.8.m

 The design was a bit challenging because the interior designer was highly picky when it came to speakers placing and location. Enough tinkering led to the conclusion that in the lounge area, Tannoy CMS 603DC BM was used, while in the double height area, Control -47HC by JBL was used. 

Results were highly satisfactory. The total SPL was great in the range of frequencies from 1k to 10k and and so was the STI, as can be seen below:

Total SPL at 1000 MHz

Total SPL at 5000 MHz

Total MHz at 10000 MHz

STI and MTI. As you can see, values are within 0.78 and 1, which is excellent.