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Sodioum’s First Project

 This is simply our graduation project (Saif Jarrah and Edmond Shami) which got $21k in funding to continue its development.  Tested at Hikma and Aramex, the device basically moves around the warehouse and uses multiple sensors to do auto-counting of inventory with wireless data transmission to the cloud.   It still needs further work down the line.  
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Probability Riddle Using Python: Probability of Quadratic Equation Having No Distinct Positive Roots

 Riddle: An ordered pair ( b , c ) of integers, each of which has absolute value less than or equal to five, is chosen at random, with each such ordered pair having an equal likelihood of being chosen. What is the probability that the equation x^ 2 + bx + c = 0 will not have distinct positive real roots? Python Solution: Riddle source: