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Sodioum’s First Project

 This is simply our graduation project (Saif Jarrah and Edmond Shami) which got $21k in funding to continue its development.  Tested at Hikma and Aramex, the device basically moves around the warehouse and uses multiple sensors to do auto-counting of inventory with wireless data transmission to the cloud.   It still needs further work down the line.  
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Probability Riddle Using Python: Probability of Ending with 11

 Riddle: The probability that the square of a positive integer (in decimal notation) ends with the digit 1 is 2/10 because out of every 10 numbers those and only those ending with the digits 1 or 9 have squares ending with 1. What is the probability that the cube of a positive integer chosen at random ends with the digits 11? Python Solution: Riddle source: